In qolla Maali falaa khillun yushohibuni
Zaada Maali wa in fakullunnaasi khullaani

If my property is not less then one comes friends
But when my treasure so many people confess all my friends
Sentence fragment so wise as ever memorized mondok which are still stored in my memory. Short sentences pertaining to whether the intent, purpose and motivation of our friendship with someone because of interlace or property because of God. Friendship because the property will be annihilated if the friend no longer own property, but if God as a goal then that’s really a lasting friendship. That’s true friendship, friendship free roaming makes God happy and ridho.

Consumptive lifestyle, hedonism and BTAK (I’ll come up short of origin-known) has become a syndrome and a virus that makes people have to make people rich and have power as the number one choice to become friends and friends hang out. And vice versa, most people will choose away from poor people and people hard. Lifestyle so obviously wrong. We should not be selective in the mix let alone distinguish people based on social and economic status. Mix with the upper class is fine, but if you shut down for the people below us, this is not allowed because it will make our hearts rude, loud, arrogant, could lose affection, especially far away we might be far from the sense of gratitude and qona \ ‘ah that there is a feeling of always less for those who only see the fun will always be shrouded in the bright world.

One day the Apostle says, “Many-multiply you met with poor people and poor. Mannerly well against them because someday they will get power,” the friend asked, “What power, O Prophet?”
“When the end comes,” continued the Prophet, “would say to them, note who once gave you a bite of food though, even a sip drinks, and even a piece of clothing. So hold her hand, lead to heaven.”

So from now on, do not look at that poor people do not notice any good. No longer think that helps them make us fall in social status, our hands dirty and hard to catch. The proof is the time they get the power of God, there is the power that the poor and weak, namely in the day there is no power except the power of God, the day people do not recognize relatives and friends but they have the right to lead his friend in the world to heaven, to help his friend when there was nothing more than a charity can help sholeh, while we know that our charity is not able to be a friend to help because of charity or even sedikinya but mixed riya charitable and not for God.

Let us consider the advice of Luqman legendary names represented in a beautiful AlQur \ ‘an to his son about some things that if done it will get lessons in life, including:
You should bring a dead heart
Likes hanging out with the poor
Low respect
Sympathize those in the overseas
Helping poor people
Pergauli the poor, give him some happiness that we enjoy, Bersahabatlah with difficult people, make him smile. True rather than those who need us, but we who need them to save ourselves is always exaggerated.
“Until when We seize the punishment of the people who live lavish of them, suddenly they cried out for help on this day, ye will not get help from us.”
(Qur’an, Al-Mu `minuun <23>: 64-65)
Congratulations to change themselves into individuals who are in love of Allah and His Messenger with love and a friend of the dhu `afa, masaakin and anak_anak orphans.