To be able to enjoy life, the most important thing you need to do is to become AWARE. The essence of leadership is awareness. The essence of spirituality is also a consciousness. Many people who undergo
life in a state of sleep. They are born, grow up, marry, make a living, raising children, and eventually died in a state of sleep.

Analogy is like the people affected by hypnosis. You know where to save money. You also know exactly your pin number. And Andapun give your money to strangers. You know,
but not realized. Therefore, you move like a robot-controlled robot that other people, the environment, position, money, and possessions.

Understanding realized very different from knowing. You know exercise is important for health, but you do not also do so. You know it’s wrong memperjualbelikan office, but you enjoy it. You know that can destroy a family affair, but you can not resist the temptation. That’s an example to know but did not realize!

There are two things that can make people become aware. First, the bitter events and disasters. Unfortunate fact is blessing in disguise because it can make us wake up and realize. You only realize the importance of health if you are sick. You only realize the importance of exercise if your cholesterol level is concerned. You just realize pleasure of working if you got laid off. A career woman realized that the family is more important after the children exposed to drugs. A taxi driver once told me that he had realized the dangers of gambling after his treasure gone.

Death may be the single biggest stimulus we can jerk. Many famous people died just like that. They’re busy memperjualbelikan power, sabotaging each other, fight for position, then suddenly died. Imagine if you were watching a movie. The show is in progress cried when the electricity suddenly went out. Officer cinemas said, Please your home, the show is over! You protest, even wanted to wait until the electricity back to life. But, the guard just said firmly, show’s over, the electricity will never live again.

That’s the simple analogy of death. The death of people we know, especially our close relatives often bring us to the meaning of life. Death us aware of how short life is, how often we made a fuss about trivial things, and how stupid we hoarded wealth we could not enjoy.

Life is often deceive and lull people. To be a wake up we should be aware of three things, namely who we are, where we came from, and where we will go. For that we need to frequently take a distance from our busy and doing contemplation.

There’s an interesting phrase from a French philosopher, Teilhard de Chardin, we are not human beings having spiritual experiences, we are spiritual beings having experiences of humanity. Human beings are not creatures of the earth but the sky. We are spiritual beings who happened to be occupying our homes on earth. Our bodies are really just temporary home for our souls. Necessary because the body is one of the requirements to be able to live in the world. However, this body will break down over time and ultimately can not be used again. That’s when our soul will leave the house to find a more appropriate home. This state we call death. Do not forget, this is not meant to die for our souls never die. The dead are our homes or our own bodies.

Try to absorb the paragraph above you deeply. Our bodies will die, but our souls are still alive. If you realize this, you will not be a human ngoyo and greedy. We do need to live, need food, shelter and other basic needs. When you’ve achieved all these requirements, that’s enough! Why would busy gathering ngumpulka n wealth – especially with abuse of office – if the results can not you enjoy forever. After all, you’ve ruined your own life by cheating and corrupt. Actually, this is our own soul is eternal.

So, whether we need to experience the events that are so bitter that we are aware? The answer: yes! But if you feel that way too expensive, there is a second way is much easier: Learn to Listen. Listen and learn from the experience of others. Open your eyes and your heart to understand, listen, and question all your thoughts and paradigms. Unfortunately, many people who listen solely to reinforce their own opinions, rather than to get something new that may conflict with their previous opinions. People who like this was still asleep and not yet fully awake.

When the tongue-tied, the writing becomes necessary Pena sharper than a sword Ink learning more noble than the blood of a martyr